About Us
Rank One Sport is a web based Athletic Department Software

The software contains numerous features that can be utilized by those involved in the athletic department. The system was designed by athletic directors, athletic trainers, coaches and athletic administrative assistants from both the college and high school level.

The primary functions of the software were designed to help organize, save time, improve communication, and provide documentation.

The software will reduce the time it takes to post and keep schedules current. The software sends e-mails to those inside the system and those outside that sign up for the alerts. The report generators allow those who need information on both athletes and game information easy access to thousands of different reports. Rank One has different security levels depending on the institution's needs and does not limit the user account numbers. The system is very user friendly and can be customized to meet the needs of the clients.

The state of the art athlete management feature has been designed by the people who use it on a daily basis. This feature keeps all of the athletic staff members up to date with current status regarding each student athlete. The system is used to document both daily treatment and injury information. The clients can back up the documentation on site and count on Rank One to back up the data. Athletic Trainers use the system to keep coaches informed with up to date information regarding the student athlete.

When you combine our great product, pricing, and customer service you will see why we "Rank One" in the athletic software industry.